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Husband: William JOHNSTONE [See Notes] Birth: 1852 Scotland Marriage: 3 Aug 1875 Annie JAMIESON Launceston, Tas. Death: 5 Jul 1901 Beaconsfield, Tasmania
Father: Joseph JOHNSTONE Mother: Jean (Jane) Elizabeth FERGUSON
Wife: Annie JAMIESON [See Notes] Birth: 1857 Marriage: 3 Aug 1875 William JOHNSTONE Launceston, Tas. Death: 21 Aug 1891 Beaconsfield, Tasmania
M Henry JOHNSTONE [See Notes] Birth: 25 May 1876 Death: 4 Apr 1879
F Jane JOHNSTONE [See Notes] Birth: 5 Jul 1878 George Town, Tasmania, Australia Marriage: 13 Aug 1899 Samuel IRVINE Beaconsfield, Tasmania
M William George John JOHNSTONE [See Notes] Birth: 6 Sep 1879 George Town, Tasmania, Australia Marriage: 1904 Georgina Margaret BROWN Victoria, Australia Death: 18 Mar 1926 Launceston, Tas.
F Katharine? Catherine? JOHNSTONE [See Notes] Birth: 30 Nov 1881 Beaconsfield, Tasmania Marriage: 15 May 1898 James Henry MCIVOR Beaconsfield, Tasmania Death: 6 Feb 1959 Launceston, Tasmania
M Thomas JOHNSTONE [See Notes] Birth: 31 Jul 1884 Beaconsfield, Tasmania Death: 19 Dec 1897
M John (Jack) Jamieson JOHNSTONE [See Notes] Birth: 4 May 1886 Beaconsfield, Tasmania Marriage: 1910 Ethel Louise DAVERN Death: 16 Sep 1913
M Peter JOHNSTONE [See Notes] Birth: 10 Jun 1889 Beaconsfield, Tasmania
M Male JOHNSTONE [See Notes] Birth: 19 Aug 1891 Beaconsfield, Tasmania Death: 20 Aug 1891
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