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Husband: Springford EAST Birth: 21 Aug 1843 Launceston, Tas. Marriage: 28 Jul 1867 Olivia BEAUMONT Launceston, Tas.
Father: James EAST Mother: Mary Brennan BAKER
Wife: Olivia BEAUMONT [See Notes] Marriage: 28 Jul 1867 Springford EAST Launceston, Tas.
M Hubert Springford EAST [See Notes] Birth: 9 Jun 1868 Perth, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia Marriage: Sep 1899 Ellen Augusta MERCER Acton, Middx, UK Death: 18 Oct 1947 Partingdale" 267 Charles Street Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
M Oswald Hales EAST Birth: 12 Sep 1870 Launceston, Tas.
M Harry William Richard EAST Birth: 7 Jul 1872 Longford, Tasmania
F Ella Olivia EAST [See Notes] Birth: 16 Jul 1874 Longford, Tasmania Death: 1916 London UK
M Roland Beaumont James EAST Birth: 25 May 1876 Longford, Tasmania Death: 3 Mar 1877 Longford, Tasmania
F Ila Clara EAST Birth: 13 Jul 1878 Longford, Tasmania
M Arthur Frederick EAST [See Notes] Birth: 25 Aug 1880 Longford, Tasmania
M Name not recorded EAST Birth: 8 Jun 1882 Launceston, Tas. Death: 8 Jun 1882 Launceston, Tas.
F Evelyn Beaumont EAST Birth: 8 Sep 1883 Launceston, Tas.
F Mildred Amy EAST Birth: est 1885 Death: 19 Feb 1885 Deloraine
M Arthur Frederick EAST Birth: 25 Aug 1889 Longford, Tasmania
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