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Husband: Arthur (Archy) Henry JONES [See Notes] Birth: 14 Aug 1901 Wynyard, Tasmania Marriage: 27 Oct 1920 Maggie TUCKER Flowerdale, Tasmania Death: 26 May 1978 Wynyard, Tasmania

Wife: Maggie TUCKER [See Notes] Birth: 9 Jun 1901 Flowerdale, Tasmania Marriage: 27 Oct 1920 Arthur (Archy) Henry JONES Flowerdale, Tasmania Death: 30 Sep 1985 Wynyard, Tasmania
Father: George Edward TUCKER Mother: Charlotte BASSETT
M Arthur (Ted) George JONES [See Notes] Birth: 6 Jul 1922 Wynyard, Tasmania Death: 21 Dec 2000
F Mavis JONES [See Notes] Birth: 21 Sep 1925 Wynyard, Tasmania Death: 17 May 1940 Wynyard, Tasmania
M Cliff (Blackie) JONES [See Notes] Birth: 5 Dec 1932 Wynyard, Tasmania Marriage: 6 Aug 1959 Meg GARLAND Burnie, Tasmania Marriage: 1972 -no-name-given- Burnie, Tasmania Death: 14 Dec 1995 Burnie Hospital, Tasmania
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