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Husband: Thomas LANCASTER [See Notes] Birth: 14 Oct 1852 Evandale, Tasmania Marriage: 1 Aug 1874 Maria BASSETT Methodist Church, Port Sorell, Tasmania Death: 13 Jul 1891 drowned at Sorrento, off Victoria

Wife: Maria BASSETT Birth: 23 Aug 1852 Patterson St. Launceston, Tasmania Marriage: 1 Aug 1874 Thomas LANCASTER Methodist Church, Port Sorell, Tasmania Death: 2 Jun 1943 Dandenong, Victoria
Father: John BASSETT Mother: Sarah Ann Brennan BAKER
Other Husbands: George ABEL
F Sarah Ann LANCASTER [See Notes] Birth: 6 Oct 1875 Port Sorell, Tasmania Death: 7 Jun 1890 drowned in The Cam River, Somerset, Tas.
M George (Tim) Albert LANCASTER [See Notes] Birth: 27 Sep 1876 Devonport, Tasmania Marriage: 9 Jul 1907 -no-name-given- Cottesloe Beach, Western Australia Death: 25 Dec 1950 Fremantle, Western Australia
M Thomas Henry LANCASTER [See Notes] Birth: 21 Feb 1879 Port Sorell, Tasmania Death: 12 Aug 1952 Launceston General Hospital, Tasmania
F Clara Maria LANCASTER [See Notes] Birth: 1 Jul 1881 Port Sorell, Tasmania Marriage: 19 Jul 1911 William Miller BURLEIGH Victoria Death: Oct 1938
M William Ernest LANCASTER [See Notes] Birth: 24 May 1883 Emu Bay, Tasmania Death: 2 Jul 1884 Emu Bay, Tasmania
F Alice Maud LANCASTER [See Notes] Birth: 1885 Death: 27 Apr 1886 Emu Bay, Tasmania
F Ada LANCASTER [See Notes] Birth: 8 Jan 1887 Emu Bay, Tasmania Marriage: 1907 George Cornelius PERRING Victoria Death: 1945 Horsham, Victoria
F Annie Beatrice LANCASTER [See Notes] Birth: 16 Sep 1888 Somerset, Tasmania Marriage: 27 Oct 1907 Francis (Frank) Hubert Edward Ira BURT C of E, Banks, Victoria Death: 31 May 1964 Noble Park, Victoria
M Herbert LANCASTER [See Notes] Birth: Oct 1890 Williams Town, Victoria Death: 31 Dec 1890
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