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Husband: William Charles FRENCH [See Notes] Birth: 15 May 1854 Westbury, Tasmania Marriage: 27 Sep 1876 Richarda Ann KERKHAM Westbury, Tasmania Death: 28 Oct 1928
Wife: Richarda Ann KERKHAM [See Notes] Birth: 17 Oct 1853 Westbury, Tasmania Marriage: 27 Sep 1876 William Charles FRENCH Westbury, Tasmania Death: 5 Apr 1907
Father: Solomon KERKHAM Mother: Anne Titmouse EAST
M Allan Aubrey FRENCH [See Notes] Birth: 28 Sep 1877 Westbury, Tasmania Death: 25 Nov 1959 Marriage: Elizabeth May QUAILE Wilmot, Tasmania
M Hubert Charles FRENCH [See Notes] Birth: 22 Jun 1881 Westbury, Tasmania Death: 28 Mar 1894 Sheffield, Tasmania
M Sydney William FRENCH [See Notes] Birth: 10 Nov 1883 District of Port Sorell, Tasmania Marriage: 1908 Rosely (Rosalie) Jane CHARLESTON Tasmania Death: 26 Aug 1962
M Reuben Richard FRENCH [See Notes] Birth: 1 May 1885 District of Port Sorell, Tasmania Death: 11 Jun 1935 Wilmot, Tasmania
M Henry Mervin or Benjamin FRENCH [See Notes] Birth: 25 Jan 1888 Sheffield, Tasmania Death: 17 Jul 1972
F Jane Ann FRENCH [See Notes] Birth: 2 Sep 1889 Sheffield, Tasmania Marriage: 31 Jul 1913 Oliver CHATWIN res. of W. French, Tasmania Death: 23 Mar 1971 Devon House, Latrobe, Tasmania
F Rebecca Emily FRENCH [See Notes] Birth: 3 Aug 1891 Sheffield, Tasmania Death: 6 Sep 1984
M Wilfred Victor FRENCH [See Notes] Birth: 3 May 1894 Sheffield, Tasmania Death: 8 Jun 1967
F Ruby Victoria FRENCH [See Notes] Birth: 5 Nov 1897 Sheffield, Tasmania Death: 21 Jun 1977
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