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Husband: Charles BOLTON [See Notes] Birth: 1833 Peasemore, Berks Baptism: 16 Jun 1833 Peasemore, Berks Marriage: 25 Jul 1857 Louisa HEATH Brightwalton, Berkshire Death: 30 Oct 1899 Stanmore, Berks Burial: 2 Nov 1899 Beedon, Berkshire
Father: Isaac BOLTON Mother: Sarah GOODCHILD
Wife: Louisa HEATH Birth: 1833 Brightwalton, Berkshire Marriage: 25 Jul 1857 Charles BOLTON Brightwalton, Berkshire Burial: 2 Sep 1912 Beedon, Berks Death: 28 Sep 1912 Beedon, Berks
F Anne BOLTON [See Notes] Birth: Jun 1858 Peasemore, Berks Baptism: 25 Jun 1858 Peasemore, Berks Burial: 12 May 1863 Peasemore, Berks Death: Jun 1863 Peasemore, Berks
F Mary BOLTON [See Notes] Birth: Dec 1861 Peasemore, Berks Baptism: 22 Dec 1861 Peasemore, Berks Marriage: 18 Dec 1886 Charles WAKEFIELD Beedon, Berks Death: 18 Apr 1913
M James BOLTON [See Notes] Birth: Mar 1860 Peasemore, Berks Baptism: 11 Mar 1860 Peasemore, Berks Marriage: 8 Jan 1884 Margaret GRACE Peasemore, Berks Death: 1944 Peasemore, Berks Burial: 18 May 1944 Peasemore, Berks
M Albert BOLTON [See Notes] Birth: Dec 1863 Peasemore, Berks Baptism: 6 Dec 1863 Peasemore, Berks Death: 21 Jun 1915
F Agnes BOLTON [See Notes] Birth: Mar 1865 Peasemore, Berks Marriage: Jun 1888 Charles BARLOW Wantage District, Berkshire Death: 23 Jan 1959
M Sam [Samuel] BOLTON [See Notes] Birth: Jun 1867 Peasemore, Berks Baptism: 9 Jun 1867 Peasemore, Berks Marriage: Dec 1894 Matilda HAWKINS Wantage District, Berkshire Death: 1939 Burial: 6 Nov 1939
M Arthur BOLTON [See Notes] Birth: Mar 1869 Peasemore, Berks Baptism: 15 Jul 1869 Peasemore, Berks Marriage: Jun 1892 Caroline Ann WALTERS Wantage District, Berkshire Death: 23 Jul 1962
F Sarah BOLTON [See Notes] Birth: Mar 1871 Peasemore, Berks Baptism: 23 Jul 1871 Peasemore, Berks Marriage: Jun 1895 Charles Eli SNOZWELL Wantage District, Berkshire
M John BOLTON [See Notes] Birth: Mar 1874 Peasemore, Berks Baptism: 6 May 1874 Peasemore, Berks Marriage: 31 Jul 1897 Florence WESTALL Beedon, Berks
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