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Associated towns and villages

From the genealogical archives of the Count of Clermont, established by M. Bosquillon (before 1756), Lieutenant General of the Bailiwick of Clermont. The de Croisettes records can be found on page 222, Volume VII, Collection Bucquet aux Cousteaux, property of Beauvais town, but held in the Department of Oise archives.

The following list of villages has been assembled by reference to this document. Most lie in a cluster in the valley of the Thérain river, south east of Beauvais, several close to the old hamlet of Granville that was formerly south-west of Hermes. Between Berthecourt and Mouchy-le-Chatel lies an area of woodland known as 'la Croisette' which might be linked with the family name. Others with the same 'Croisettes' name lie in areas near further known linked villages. As it is on record that the family made their money from timber, it seems likely that tracts of forest and woodland were identified locally by the name of the owner.

A later document refers to 'Louis-François Ladvocat, conseilleur du Roi honoraire et son grand conseil, seigneur de Granville, Friancourt en partie et fiefs y réunis, demeurant en son chateau seigneurial de Sauveterre à  Saint-San d'Esserent. ' This chateau, which can be found on maps, labelled 'Anc. Chat.' is thought to lie just north of the Oise river north of Gouvieux, about 25 km west of Senlis and not far from Chantilly.

Other locations are further east in a broad area defined by Mondidier in the north, Soissons in the east, Senlis in the south and Beauvais in the west. Others are further north east towards the Picardie coast, a couple just south of Amiens. Detailed map references will be provided at a future date together with photographs and descriptive material. For the time being, courtesy, the map below shows the general area, defined by the ellipse.

Balets, Beauvais, Besons, Boissausset1, Cambronne2, Carville, Charny, Clermont, Corbeil, Coussenicourt3, Friancourt, Granville, La Motte4, Les Harmes5, Meremont6, Mesnil, Monchy-le-Chatel7, Montdidier, Nainval, Péronne, Rousseloy, Roye, Russon8, Sauveterre, Senlis, Septvaulx, Sericourt9, Soissons, St Agnan10, St Rimault, Ste Même (Mesme), Taillis, Tremblay11, Valois12, Vaux

1Perhaps Boissay, near an 'ancien chateau' linked with the family

2Perhaps Cambronne or Clermont


4Perhaps Cuisse-la-Motte

5Les Harmes =Hermes

6Meremont, a tiny hamlet between Merlemont and Merlemont probably points to a general area.

7Mouchy le Chatel

8Russon is said to be near Boissay.

9Perhaps Senicourt

10Perhaps St Aignan (sur Ry)


12Valois = Warluis