1. 1940s and 1950s research by Ethel and Priscilla Le Croissette

2. Beauvais genealogy transcribed from the original French

3. Beauvais genealogies link to online resource at Beauvais Library

4. Beauvais Library literature on de Croisettes Picardie information

5. de Croisettes villages and fiefs in Picardie

6. Photographs of Picardy villages 

7. English translation of Bernard Guenee's version of the de Croisettes genealogy

8. A note on Bernard Guenee's take on the Bosquillon genealogy

9. Descroisettes descendants around the world

10. English translation of Beauvais genealogy

11. Introductory page with explanations and links

12. Portraits, coat of arms, crest, mantle

13. Research by Eileen and Dennis Le Croissette

14. The Benfleet Bible

15. The Catharine Bible

16. Where did the de Croisettes family live and work in Picardie?

18. Who were the Huguenots?

19. Why did the de Croisettes leave France for London?

20. Writings of descendants