Notes for George BROWN

General Note
The Marriage Certificate of his daughter Alice May Brown says George's name was Gordon Huntley Brown. No registrations B/D/M for him ever state this name. George Brown's Bible is, as at January 2004, in the possession in Hobart of a Brown descendant.

Lived in Beaconsfield and George Town where he worked as a miner, becoming mine manager. He moved with Sophia in about 1885 to Latrobe where he was mailman between Latrobe and Wesley Vale. Around 1900 he moved to Lefroy as mine manager, and when Sophia died in 1920 he moved in with his daughter Olive in Launceston. He died in August 1935. A note by George Brown to his grandson said that he, George, lived at Sidmouth until about 1859, at about 12 years. In his obituary it says that he sailed on coastal traders with his father. See note on John Brown.

The Beaconsfield Gold Mine Museum, visited in December 2003, has a copy of a letter from George Brown to Cliff Parish, dated May 14 1926. He was also noted in the record as having been a lighthouse manager.

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