Water colours of Bay of Venice with Vesuvius, Venice, Suez Canal, Nebraska, Wyoming, Queensland, Tasmania, New Zealand


George Lello was from a family in Liverpool who came from a long line of drapers and tanners. Their origins lay on the borders of Shropshire and Wales going back to an armigerous family in the Clun area. Their coat of arms and crest can be found with a click on the link on this website.

Some of George's uncles, with two adolescent sons ,went to Tasmania in the early 1880s, an island south of the mainland of Australia and a state in its own right now. George's brother Thomas Henry (known as 'Harry' or Henry) followed them there when he was 16. His brother George followed him a year later.

George helped on the family land in agriculture. However, the Lellos were a cultivated family, accomplished musicians and in George's case a painter and writer. He travelled widely in Tasmania with his painting materials, some of which were notably crude such as poor paper in poor condition. He followed one of his uncles to America through Wyoming, Nebraska and Utah. On the way they stopped off in Queensland and Fiji. He took a fancy to beef farming, so returned to England and went to Scotland to Little Richorn to his aunt's farm to learn the business. He then returned to Tasmania through the Mediterranean. He next left for New Zealand where his widowed aunt was living. He became a war correspondent and finished up by joining the New Zealand 7th Rifle Brigade to fight in Europe. He died there. His headstone is in the graveyard at Rouen.

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Mount Roland, Tasmania Myrtle Creek, Tasmania Colombo

Burma George Lello, photograph taken in Melbourne before he left for New Zealand Typical bush, Tasmania Duck Creek, tributary of the Rubicon River, Tasmania New Zealand, north of Otago

Hell's Teeth, entrance to McQuarie Harbour, Tasmania

Devon Coast, painted on one of his two trips back to England. Ceylon

Suez Canal Suez



Probably from a painting by George in Africa, transformed into an engraving by a professional on his return to Europe

A winter scene Prairie scene Fiji

Liffey Falls, Tasmania Tasmania

View across the river Tamar from Rosevears to Windermere

Rocky Ford, with parallel lava falls. Probably on the Supply River, that feeds into the Tamar

Heaton Farm, Halls Road, South Frankford, Tasmania, near Lello land, and the house where George's nephew and niece (Thomas Henry and Eleanora Lello) were born.

View from Deloraine to the Great Western Tiers, Tasmania Queensland


West Coast of Africa

Otago beach, Tasmania Unknown waterfall, New Zealand


Unknown location – a day's fishing. Queensland

The Loop River West Coast of Africa, with shipping

Queensland Bay of Naples, with view of Vesuvius

Foothills, Wyoming North America Wolf in foreground of a painting

Cottonwood Creek with rider and horse drinking

Two Ute Indians, reconnoitring the hills.

Two unfinished tree paintings